Quem somos

Who we Are

The Couroquímica / Carmen Steffens group started in 1983, when founder Mário Spaniol started his entrepreneurial career in the city of Franca, in the interior of São Paulo. It was in that year that the company Couroquímica was born, a pioneer enterprise in its field of activity, which grew over the years focusing on the development of its products in the needs of its customers and the leather market.

Couroquímica is nationally and internationally recognized for its quality standard, all raw materials that enter the tannery are tested: chemicals, wet blue leathers, treatment of affluents and also finished products, in a specific chemical physical laboratory that is a reference in the sector, with qualified professionals who value the physical space.

The purpose of Couroquímica has always been to serve as a fashion trend reference, developing more and more personalized and innovative leathers for a market in need of new products.

Carmen Steffens, part of the Group, manufactures fine women's shoes and artifacts that focuses on the modern woman who wants to live in style.

Quality policy

Develop leather goods, with quality, performance and innovation to meet customer expectations, through:

  • Development in an ethical and responsible way of continuous improvement of products and processes, by scientific and technological knowledge;
  • Continuous training of human resources aimed at developing individual and collective skills for human and Organization growth;
  • Promotion of true partnerships with suppliers;
  • Profitability as a performance measure;
  • Adoption of practices with the purpose of preserving the environment, guaranteeing social responsibility, obtaining the viability of the business to contribute to the sustainable development of the planet.

Sustainability Policy

Develop leather articles through the permanent search for continuous improvement, the promotion of new product and process technologies and the management of sustainability. Thus being economically viable, socially fair, environmentally correct, complying with current legislation, reducing and controlling the generation of waste, improving the use of natural resources, providing quality of life and well-being to workers.

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